Dr. Bojan Kozomara

About me

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by ophthalmology, which I considered to be the most fulfilling branch of medicine. Since I am also a son of an ophthalmology professor, my career path has always been quite clear for me. After completing high school and graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Banja Luka, I did everything I possibly could to be able to one day call myself “an ophthalmologist”. As luck would have it, soon after having completed my studies, I was granted an ophthalmological residency at the Clinical Center of Banja Luka.

Hard work and effort of an ambitious and diligent student is practically worthless if not supervised by a talented, dedicated and selfless mentor. In my case, there were two people without whom I would not be the professional I am today. The first one was my late father, who not only made me love ophthalmology the same way he did, but also provided the biggest support throughout my career. The second person is my “other father”, prof. Nikica Gabrić, founder and owner of the Eye Clinics “Svjetlost”. In addition to teaching me ophthalmology and the latest skills, he also provided guidance in philosophy and psychology of life. It is thanks to him that today I am not only a better ophthalmologist but also a better man.

Eye treatments may not always be easy, but they surely are interesting. To be able to live and work in the country and the region filled with challenges is never without excitement. This is why I may proudly say that I was a part of the team which performed the very first laser sight correction surgery in Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 2008. Today, refractive surgical procedures such as LASIK, Epi-LASIK, PRK and LASEK are a part of my everyday routine which genuinely could not make me any happier.

In addition to my daily professional and scientific activities, I also enjoy management tasks. For nearly eight years now I have been the head of the Eye Clinic “Svjetlost” in Banjaluka. All my associates, doctors and nurses, are diligent young people of which I grow prouder every day.

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