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The Use of Computer and Dry Eye Syndrome

The digital infotainment age not only removes people from personal, face-to-face conversation, but also aggravates the dry eye problem. The No.1  problem of people always browsing computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones is that they don’t blink as often as they should, which leads to the dry eye syndrome.

The tear film is a very thin layer of tears on the surface of the eye that keeps the eye healthy. If the tear film breaks up in ten seconds, you have to blink involuntarily in 10 seconds or less because when you blink, the tear film is redistributed. It’s like recoating the surface of your eye with a film of tears. Many call center workers, office secretaries and children playing games on iPads develop dry eye problems because they don’t blink as often as they should.

For a long time, even eye doctors did not realize that most of the complaints of their patients were due to dry eye. It was previously undiagnosed and only in the last five or ten years problem dry eye get a lot of attention. When the cells inside the gland that produces tears start to atrophy and die, the volume of tears diminishes. So your eyes are prone to dryness.

Treating dry eyes. To treat the dryness, it recommends lubricating the eyes every two hours with a tear preparation. Prescribed lubricant eye drops, although higher priced than over-the-counter eye drops, contain certain minerals and compounds that are part of the tear composition and provide the needed nutrients to combat dry eye. The usual eye problems associated with aging start to appear above 50.Aside from dry eye, the common eye problems that afflict senior citizens are diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract.

As we grow older, all the endocrine problems already present in the body start to appear. Diabetes of the eye becomes more frequent after five years of elevated sugar levels. Endocrinologists refer patients to us if the patient is diabetic five years or more. As for glaucoma, it can be genetic, familial or sporadic. Most cases appear after the age of 50 for those with no family history, so that’s something to monitor. There are types of glaucoma that can be managed with eye drops, there are types that require surgery. Cataract, eventually appears in everyone. But some don’t need surgery. If the cataract is deemed to affect the vision, then surgery is required.

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Bojan Kozomara (Banjaluka, 30. decembra 1978) je doktor medicine, specijalista oftamologije i direktor specijalne oftalmološke bolnice Svjetlost Banja Luka.

U svom rodnom gradu završio je Gimnaziju i Medicinski fakultet, a 2009. godine specijalizovao se za oblast oftamologije. 2016. godine postao je magistar medicinskih nauka iz oblasti oftamologije, a svoju profesiju usavršio je na Klinici za očne bolesti, VMA Beograd, Srbija, te na Klinici Oculistica Universita „Careggi“, u Firenci, Italija. Nakon završene specijalizacije u Italiji, odlučio se vratiti u rodnu Banjaluku i tu pokrenuti privatnu kliniku, koja će za vrlo kratko vrijeme postati popularna i prepoznatljiva u regionu, ali i svijetu.

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